I got as far as trying to publish the app today.  After spending several hours poring over the finer details of application licensing, I decided it was a Good Thing but could wait a couple of weeks.  So I started to publish the app to Google Play.  After setting prices for the US, UK and Euro ($5.99, £4.99 and EUR5.99 in case you're interested), Google Play decided that "0 or more devices" could run my app.  As at least one, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 runs it very nicely, I tried to modify it so that Google would take a more open minded view of it amongst the admittedly small number of Android tablet devices on the market, Google Play seemed incapable of picking up the changes I'd made.  Back to the drawing board.

So although I'd hoped to get it out this week, circumstances have worked against me.  One of these is that, having joined the Beaumaris Singers (www.beaumarissingers.org) in January, yesterday was my first concert with the choir.  It was at Holy Trinity Church, Much Wenlock, and consisted of a programme of German motets, by Bach, Mendelssohn, Shütz and Brahms.  Very well received by a large audience, not all of whom were Beaumaris "groupies".

Rather more significant, in terms of a publication date for PCDB SuDoku Solver, is that this coming week is the long-planned week when I go up to Holyhead to get the boat ready for the new season.  So think of me covered head to foot in anti-fouling (a striking shade of navy blue, I think, this year, again), grease, seagull guano and sundry other boatyard materials.  At least the weather looks to be very warm, which is nice to know when you're buried in the depths of the cockpit locker trying to work out why the GPS isn't working the way it should.  Launch date is the 11th of April, by which time it will probably be blowing a F8 and trying to push me onto the strategically placed rock face just to port at the bottom of the slipway as you exit the crane backwards.

With any luck the painting and preparation should be finished by Wednesday, so I'll get back to the intricacies of Google Play publishing on Thursday.

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