They say you can do anything in Android.  But there's one thing I can't find out how to do.  It doesn't seem unreasonable, but Andoid doesn't seem to have anticipated it yet.

I've implemented a ComboBox which works OK.  Now I want to implement a list of Waypoints associated with a particular Route.  The ListItem for this list is thus complex, and includes a waypoint number (so you can specify the order in which the waypoints are reached) and a ComboBox that specifies the waypoint.  Android is  very good at reusing the View entries that represent these list items.  It holds informat in something called a ViewHolder which represents the fields in a particular ListItem and any other information I want to hold in it.  You can associate the name of the ViewHolder with some of the controls in the ListItem, including the waypoint number, and if I change that I can update the appropriate database record OK.  But when I select a Waypoint from the ComboBox, I can't for the life of me find the ViewHolder that represents the ListItem that holds the ComboBox.  Instead it seems to pick an item at random, and return that to my code, so a purely random record gets updated.  Not at all what I want.

I'ts taken me severl days to get to this point, and I've learnt a lot bout implemet

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