No posts for a few days as I've been too busy making substantial progess with PCDB Waypoints.  Since sortig ListViews and Fragments, I've now got tables and Activities working for Waypoints, Voyages, Routes, (Chart) Folios, Places, Boats and Icons (representing a Waypoint).  I'm currently revisiting the thornly problem of implementing a ComboBox widget in Android that allows autocompletion and still permits you to define a new item if the one you want isn't in the list.  Android has tended to forget this issue as all the examples of AutoCompleteTextViews they provide use a static list of strings such as countries, and thus adding a new entry doesn't do very much in Android (though I guess it may at the UN).

I want to base the drop-down list on a database table, allow autocompletion from the entries in the table, and provide code to add a new row to the table if what the user types isn't there.  I've made a start and now have a ComboBox class sort of working, in that it compiles OK and appears OK on the screen.  So far, though, it doesn't display the entries from the database and doesn't respond to the "Next" or "Done" keys.  More to do here yet.

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