Pretty well ready to release PCDB SuDoku Solver to the waiting world.  It's signed with my private key, doesn't have any debug  capability, and runs OK on my tablet.  Oh, and then Android released a new version of the SDK.  Downloaded and installed it, and then discovered that it has a whole new set of ideas and gadgets to manage the UI of Android Apps. Rather a lot of PCDB SuDoku Solver confirms to it, as I've been tracking the tablet-oriented changes that have been released since Honeycomb (API 3.2). But some don't.  It's decision time.

Do I hold off releasing it and carry out a major overhaul of the UI?

Or do I release it anyway, and review the UI features in the next major release?

As the new UI guidelines are aimed specifically at Ice Cream Sandwich (API 4.0) I've decided to go with the second.  It'll be out this weekend.

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