...but it meant that precisely zero devices could see or download PCDB SuDoku Solver on Google Play.  Changing one line in the application manifest file, and re-uploading it to Google Play, brought that number up to 105, including my own Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1.  That's roughly what I was expecting, and reflects the number of tablet-like devices available with Android.

The difference is between 'hardware.screen.landscape' and 'android.hardware.screen.landscape'.  When in doubt, it seems, put 'android.' at the front of anything significant that you develop for Android.

Meanwhile, I'm working on the free 'Lite' version of PCDB SuDoku Solver, and hope to have that available today as a taster app.  There is a major decision to make though: should it solve games, but not let you solve them yourselves with its assistance, or the other way round.  I'm leaning towards the former but am still undecided.

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