Home again.  Caledonia is safely launched, still afloat on her mooring, and that mooring was picked up at the first attempt in a gentle NW breeze.  I've sometimes had a pattern full of squiggly circles, like a child's drawing, on my chartplotter showing several failed attempts to pick up a mooring, but this one went without a hitch.  Just a single loop to line up into the wind, and then straight to the buoy.

First Mate Elaine was in Lincoln viisiting an aunt, so it fell to Leading Seadog Monty to help with the launch, which he did very ably, largely by keeping well out of my way.  And he hasn't yet taken a chunk out of the new sprayhood.

So back to SuDoku Solver.  Now that both the Full and Lite versions are available on Google Play, I'm looking at enhancements, particularly feedback from users including our son-in-law.  So the OK button will be enlarged and put on a separate line, and a "+" button will be added in its original place to enable you to reinstate Candidates you've already deleted.

Son-in-law also thought it should be more colourful, but colour on a tablet device equates to greater battery drain, and is severely deprecated by the Android tzars.  I will look at the option of displaying Killer SuDoku groups in different colours, rather than using the dotted lines that enclose them at present.  The principal objection to this, it seems, is finding a way to marry it up to the current app facility which uses colours to identify all the Cells that contain a particular digit as a Candidate.

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