A bit of a hiatus recently, while Elaine and I spent ten days in France, staying with some friends in Alsace and then a few days in Ornans, near to Besancon.  Not brilliant weather, and somewhat spoilt by Elaine developing a nasty cold and cough which kept her in bed for two days.  But we had some great meals, brought back the odd bottle of Cremant d'Alsace, and saw some wonderful scenery.

I noticed on my return that fully 30 people have now downloaded PCDB SuDoku Lite, and 15 have it still installed.  But no-one, to date, has gone the whole hog and bought the much more sophisticated full version.  Stlll, the tablet market is expanding by the day, and more and more people are discovering the benefits of applications designed to run on tablets rathern than mobile phones.

Work on PCDB Waypoints has focused on tidying up the Import Database feature, so that it isn't possible to invoke it by mistake.  And I've started to look at ways of using data from the app to overlay Google Earth.  It would be even more useful it I could overlay my Navionics charts of the UK and Holland, but Navionics don't seem to be very willing to allow this yet.

A slightly related activity is updating all my charts, and reading up on the pilot books, for our trip to Northern Ireland later in the Summer.  Planning for that is now pretty complete and a full crew arranged, including Chief Seadog Monty.

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