I was having a drink with a couple of old colleagues the other day, and one said, of Android "it's amazing the number of things you can do with it".  True.  But its very scale makes it almost impossible to find out succinctly how to do anything.  There are copious amounts of material on the Android Developer website, almost all of which stop short when you're looking to link to something complex rather than just develop a superficial version of the subject under discussion.  Thank goodness, then, for the www.vogella.de website that does show how to develop quite complex and complete apps in a well-structured way.  I used it to sort out some issues with SQLite, which I plan to use when porting PCDB Waypoints to Android.

The first thing I need to do with SQLite, though, is packaage it up into a number of reusable functions.  PCDB Waypoints uses a large number of screens and tables, with similar processes available on each, and a large number of links between tables, for example Voyages to Routes, Routes to Wayoints and Locations, Waypoints to Marks,Icons and Charts, Charts to NMs Notices to Mariners), and many, many more.  The last thing I need is to have to implement each of these to the excrutiating level of detail given in the Android tutorials I've read.,

There are other obstacles to overcome.  Fragments, for example, are sold as similar to Activities but when I try to display a Waypoint's properties in a Fragment, things that compile properly in an Activity won't compile in a Fragment for no obvious reason.

I suspect that porting PCDB Waypoints isn't going to be a trivial
10/17/2013 02:50:22 am

Was browsing Google and found your site, enjoyed the reading, thanks


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