It's been rather too long since I updated this blog, and lots has been going on.  This almost entirely affects PCDB Waypoints, but it is worth pointing out that one person has now purchased the full version of PCDB SuDoku Solver.   Unfortunately the aussie involved then found a bug in it and uninstalled it.  I'm looking into the bug,

Now to PCDB Waypoints.  It's looking very much like an Android-based chart plotter now, and there may be more of a market for that.  It has map-based facilities to define Marks, Waypoints and Places, and set up the links between them in the form of Routes and Voyages.  It can track the progress of  boat, and replay the track later on if needed.

Part of the reason for the hiaitus in updating the blog is that we've been on a cruise to Madeira, the Canary Isles, Morocco and Lisbon, to get some winter sun and warmth.  I used my tablet to track the progress of the ship whenever I could get up on deck and get a GPS signal. While on the last leg from Lisbon to Southampton, we hit a Violent Storm (F11 gusting F12) which caused some considerable discomfort and a lot of damage to fittings on the boat.  PCDB Waypoints made it clear that the captain had decided to detour into Vigo, in north west Spain, an hour or two before he announced that over the boat's tannoy.

The next major trail of PCDB Waypoints will come in April, when Caledonia is moved from Holyhead, her mooring for the last six years, to Troon Marina in the Firth of Clyde.  Western Scotland is a great sailing area, and the effect of this move is that we'll no longer have to trek up and down the Irish Sea to get to that area.  Much more enjoyable sailing for everyone apart ftom the April delivery crew.

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