There's been a somewhat prolonged hiaitus in this blog during the summer, not all caused by some extended sailing trips.  The olympics is partly to blame!  But I've gone back to the PC version of PCDB Waypoints, and finished the rather tedious task of preloading it with all the information I can find about lighthouses, buoys and beacons around the UK and near European coast.  That is now complete.  I can also take that information (from a Microsoft Access database) and load it into an empty PCDB Waypoints app running on my tablet.  Doable, but somewhat slow.  However, it means that I can really load-test the app on an enormous amount of data before releasing it into the wild.
There's a funny glitch in Androis whereby if I run a number of debug sessions of the same app on the same device, I get a number of identical icons in the Apps screen on the tablet, each corresponding to some terminal state of the app at the end of a debug session.  I've got roughly a screenfull.  I uninstalled PCDB Waypoints and reinstalled it to get rid of those, and then found some errors in the database import process which are now fixed.  So now I can get on with completing the functionality of this app and getting it ready to market.
Along the way, I've uploaded a new version of PCDB SuDuku Solver, at a reduced price.  The new version follows the evolving Android conventions for widget appearance which are designed principally to conserve battery power.  Next, I need to upload the same version of PCDB SuDoku Lite...
Also along the way, Samsung successfully upgraded my tablet from Android 3.2 to 4.0.  I've picked up the latest version of the Eclipse IDE and now need to explore the facilities of both new versions.